A Little Cooking, A Little Cleaning And A Lot Of Personal Responsibility

So one of my necessary schemes this summer is to teach Emma and Liz to keep house. I’d like them to learn a little cooking, a little cleaning and a lot of personal responsibility. So every day I leave them a list of chores and after work I take a look around. It’s not going as I’d hoped.

I’d hoped Emma and Liz would learn to tackle work first and enjoy the then-available free time.

I’d hoped Emma and Liz would take ownership of their responsibilities and not have to be nagged reminded constantly to complete them.

I’d hoped Emma and Liz would take pride in their accomplishments and work to keep things nice and orderly.

My lunch -made by Emma- yesterday.

My lunch -made by Emma- yesterday.

But every morning I’m met with a downtrodden attitude and bickering about which chore is completed by whom.

All day I’m met with bargaining and rolling eyes as I remind them that completed chores equal free time.

Every evening I’m met with whining and dragging feet as I list the jobs that are incomplete.

I need help! Ideas please!

Father’s Day 2015- It Wasn’t A Total Loss

I don’t think Jack had the Father’s Day he envisioned. No breakfast in bed, no popsicle stick-framed art, not even a Dollar Tree card from the wife. Poor Jack.


I tried. I ordered a new Kindle cover- it didn’t fit. I ordered a new hat- it didn’t arrive. I put a Baptist roast in the oven- it didn’t cook.


We ended up in the local taqueria, which was surprisingly good.


And he did get a nap, so it wasn’t a total loss.



Puppy Love

My son is in love.

Thomas & Buddy

This is his new best friend Buddy. Buddy is an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix of about four months of age. If I understand the progression correctly, Buddy was one of a litter my nephew’s girlfriend’s dog had. BIL Mikel didn’t feel Buddy was getting enough attention at their abode and anyway, it was love at first sight for him and Thomas.

My mantra for several years has been “Nothing Else That Eats or Poops”. Obviously I’ve made (yet another) exception.

But not without conditions. This dog is wholly and completely Thomas’s responsibility. He is charge of feeding, training and policing the dog. He must bear the expense of registering and keeping the dog healthy. He must also keep Buddy safe and that means providing a dog run in the backyard, a not inexpensive undertaking.

Thomas of course agreed instantly and unconditionally. And so far things have gone well. Buddy is actually a fairly calm dog and is learning fast to listen to Thomas. In the past couple of days he’s stood at the back door to be let out instead of pooping beside Auggie’s kennel and when he runs free, he nearly always runs toward Thomas instead of away.

Best of all, he’s made Thomas happy. I’ve never experienced the phenomenon of a boy and his dog and I must say it’s a powerful thing.

Buyer’s Remorse

You might remember that a couple months ago I lamented my previously round, plump face’s plunge toward points south. I swear that if my (many) chins weren’t there to hold it up, my jaw line would be sagging about where my boobs used to be.

So last week, in a fit of vanity, I signed up for a boat-load of skin care products -$250.00 worth to be exact and aren’t we glad Jack never reads this blog, and know I’m having major buyer’s remorse. And not just because of the money, although the bank did call and ask if this was a valid charge. Obviously name brand beauty products are not common properties in our little game of Monopoly.

No, I’m also regretting my purchase because of the SEVEN bottles of face cleanser, astringent and moisturizer I found while sorting through bathroom drawers this weekend. I’ll admit that two of those bottles are travel size, but still, of the remaining five bottles, FOUR had yet to be opened!

Which leads me to my third confession reason for regret: I don’t use this stuff. I wash my face in the shower each morning with whatever product happens to be in there- usually a Biore or Neutrogena product that I groused about spending $10.00 on. I maybe spend three minutes putting on spackle when I have to and never intentionally take the time to remove that spackle at the end of the day. I’m not a good girl.

So my next step is to call my local fancy-face-stuff representative and friend and explain my dilemma, then call the fancy-face-stuff place and see if they’ll keep their fancy-face-stuff and give me back my money.

Wish me luck!


VBS 2015

Last week our entire family participated in our church’s Vacation Bible School with a fun medieval theme entitled The King Is Coming! Jack was the VBS director, Thomas helped with recreation, Emma helped with music and Liz enjoyed the 4th/5th grade rotation. I found myself in charge of snacks when our regularly scheduled food maven had to be out of town. It was a great time.