All About the Average Me

av-er-age (Webster’s New World College Dictionary)

Noun:  usual or normal kind, amount, quality, rate, etc.

Adjective:  intermediate in value, rate, etc.; normal or ordinary

I’ve always considered myself to be average. Average height, average weight, average shoe size (I must have an average shoe size ‘cuz cute shoes in my size are always sold out.) I believe myself to be of average intelligence, to have an average social circle, to live in an average town and to love my average family.

You could say that I strive to be average. Maybe even that I embrace my averageness.

Of course, being average is hard work. Often I do really stupid things that lower my average condition and occasionally I do something really amazing that briefly elevates me from the mere average.

I am a Christian wife and mother of three who reads voraciously and works full time. Average: More or Less serves as a scrapbook for my family, a personal journal for myself and an assurance for everyone else that they’re not the only one going through this stuff.

Below are a few links that describe my average. You can also check out the All About the Average Me category on the Home Page right sidebar.

100 Things About Me 1-25

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100 Things About Me 76-100

I Am From

What does your average look like?

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