Another Jam-packed Smallwood Summer

Today the final countdown begins for another jam-packed Smallwood summer. Here’s the planned highlights:

  • a full week of VBS followed immediately by
  • a week of Leadership Training Camp in Latham Springs, TX for Jack and Thomas and
  • a week at Papa and Granne’s for Emma and Liz. Then everybody gets
  • a week at home before Jack, the girls and niece Kaley head out for
  • a week at Connections Camp in Sivells, NM. We then get another week at home which helps us get ready for
  • a week in Portales, NM with the Marietta Builders Team,
  • a week of RA Camp in Blanco Canyon, TX for Jack and Thomas and
  • a week Youth Camp in Glorieta, NM for Jack, Thomas and Emma.

Mixed in well with these big ticket summer items are Liz’s summer school and art classes, Emma’s piano lessons, Thomas’ running schedule, 4-H shooting competitions, camp fundraisers, HPES classes, Bordertown Days, Emma’s 13th birthday, Camp Granne in Canyon, TX, a camping trip to Cimarron Canyon, NM and lots and lots of mowing.
5-4-3-2- …


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