My Mother’s Day Weekend By The Numbers

mother's day

  • 1 garden wagon full of new plants from the husband, including
  • 1 pink, climbing rose in honor of my mother-in-law,
  • 1 gorgeous platter and sweet card for my mama,
  • 1 miniature rose from my mama,
  • 20 lbs of Bountiful Basket apricots halved, pitted and frozen,
  • 1 framed photo and hand-made card from artist Liz,
  • several hours relaxing with my grandma and mama,
  • 1 blueberry muffin breakfast-in-bed from baker Emma,
  • 1 sweet hour spent in worship with family and friends,
  • 1 bone-crunching tackle hug from spastic Thomas,
  • 1 two-hour nap wrapped in an afghan,
  • several productive hours with family cleaning beds and planting flowers, and
  • 1 cellophane-wrapped basket of all my favorite snacks from the kids, via Granny

adds up to 1 superbly relaxing weekend.


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