High In Plain Sight

Today, we (CSCD department) went to a training on current drug & alcohol trends and all I can say is YIKES!!!!

People will do anything to get high. While the old standbys like cough medicine and hand sanitizer are still in use, did you know there’s alcohol in some energy drinks? Or how about powdered alcohol that can be added to any liquid? Chicken noodle vodka anyone?

Our instructor, Idaho law enforcement officer Jermaine Galloway –The “Tall Cop”- says the new trend sweeping the nation is “dabbing” or use of marijuana wax, oil or concentrates. This ‘new’ marijuana, extracted using butane to the consistency of wax, butter, oil or shards, can raise the THC content from about 15% to 60-80%, which when used produces extreme highs and levels of impairment. Gone is the mild ‘buzz’ or ‘mellow’ associated with marijuana- this is some serious stuff.

And best of all marijuana concentrates can be easily used in your standard bong or e-cigarette. Those e-cigarettes are awesome because you can use them in public and people assume your smoking tobacco. Sneaky high!

Also? EDM (electronic dance music) parties or raves are BAD. Like, really bad and don’t just entice teenagers, but are all the rage for college kids on up to ‘adults’ in their 30s. Sex, drugs and … well, I think rock-n-roll is a stretch. This stuff sounds like a migraine feels.

So why am I sharing this with y’all, my faithful band of family and friends? Because we’re raising teenagers people and this stuff is not only dangerous but SLY. Our country has bought the fiction that alcohol and marijuana are innocuous, normal and even necessary for a good time. Just this week following our local prom several kids were cited for Minor in Possession and parents were making jokes about it, threatening to buy the offenders orange t-shirts (because Orange Is The New Black) to wear to school and calling the local PD hard ass and duplicitous for not ‘letting the kids be kids’. {sigh}

It is my job to protect my children, not just from molesters and bullies (this decade’s Evil Incarnate), but also from things that everyone else is gonna tell them is okay. Education is my greatest weapon, even though it’s dumbfounds me. Who are these guys who figured out extracting wax from marijuana and why isn’t he using his ingenious for good? Oh yeah, because the marijuana ate his give-a-damn.  And is now working on those very ingenious brain cells I envy.




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