A Klobasnek Is Not A Kolache

A new donut shop recently opened in our little town and my goodness! they do make a good donut. I especially like the Red Velvet cake donut. They also make an excellent filled breakfast croissant and a pretty good jalapeno klobasnek.

The problem is that they’re calling their klobasniky kolach and a klobasnek is not a kolache.

According to Wikipedia and my vast culinary and cultural experience, a kolache is a sweet bread pastry filled with fruit. I prefer peach or lemon. Folks are also making savory kolach these days. I can’t wait to go double-fisted with bacon-egg-cheese in one hand and peach in the other.

peach kolache

A klobasnek, on the other hand is basically a pig-in-the-blanket. It’s a damn good pig (sausage) in a really excellent blanket (especially with some ground mustard), but it’s still a pig-in-the-blanket, not a kolache.

Don’t worry- I’m not gonna risk my donut/klobasnek supply by lecturing the slightly-Asian/mostly-Hispanic donut girls about their own product. It’s good enough that I know the difference.

And now you know too!


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