New Tradition Ideas Welcome

Yesterday we celebrated Easter Sunday with many traditions: new spring shoes worn to church with bright pastel dresses and shirts, ham, pea salad and glazed carrots for dinner, and deviled colored eggs and ham biscuits for supper.

My favorite tradition was sharing all this with our local, extended family. SIL Sheran shared her kids with us, something that’s becoming a rare occurrence. They’ve reached the age that, due to jobs and significant others, it’s hard to get them all in the same place at the same time. Especially for a holiday.

It’s happening all around me. Our families are growing up. Jack and I saw it coming with my family and worked/are working to establish an annual, reunion-type trip. It didn’t seem necessary with Jack’s family because we all lived within a couple hours of each other, but now I see we were wrong. Now we’re expected to share the nieces and nephews with other families and our family gatherings have shrunk to the very old and the very young (not that any of us is very old or very young). I guess we’re gonna have to brainstorm a new tradition.

Y’all got any ideas?

new tradition


What Do YOU Think?

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