It’s Coming Together

Y’all may remember the mega-project we embarked upon earlier this year in the girls room. If not here’s a recap:

bulletin board

So there was some progress made in the girl’s room over spring break. Jack and Thomas repaired and hung the door, the bulletin board got hung, the doll house stand was rebuilt and the doll house itself remodeled. I even got the rugs sewn together and laid.

doll house & stand

The doll house stand used to be a princess desk which Jack cut in half and widened to allow for two storage drawers. The girls did most of the work on the doll house itself. This is a book shelf with ‘roof’ added that my sister found at a garage sale years ago. Jack added and stained shake roofing (doll house section of Hobby Lobby), we added and painted siding (Jack cut this from scrap found in his wood shop), the girls painted, wallpapered and floored each room. Some wallpaper (flowered print) and flooring (bathroom tile) came from the doll house section of Hobby Lobby. The wood flooring in the kitchen is peel-and-stick tile from Lowes and the bathroom ‘wallpaper’ is actually kitchen liner. The carpet was free from a local carpet store. They just cut us a section from their remnant pile.


My contribution was sewing together three 1×3 foot, $6.99 rag rugs. This was Ella’s idea when we couldn’t find an affordable solution for the twisted, rag rug I wanted. It was pretty easy and I’m pleased with the results.

Jack is about half-way done with the platform beds, so I’ve really got to get to work on the curtains and bedspreads.

It’s coming together!



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