It’s Going Too Fast

Yesterday I had the privilege of holding a friend’s two-month old baby during the worship service. You should know by now that I’m not baby crazy. I’m done with babies. I don’t want any more of my own, nor am I anywhere ready for grandkids. I’m not even ready for the nieces and nephews to have babies. I may have been permanently scarred by diapers or something.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my own- couldn’t wait to have them and loved every minute of their babyhood. By far my favorite part was holding their soft, warm, sleeping little bodies close to mine while I stared down into the beautiful features of their little faces.

Baby Addison has a sweet face, but let’s face it- unless they’re your own or have some outstanding feature like bug eyes or a shock of red hair- all babies look alike until they start to develop a little personality. Don’t hate; you know it’s true!

As I sat there in the pew, rocking baby Addison next to my long-legged, freckle-faced Liz, I was amazed at the passage of time. Ten years ago it was her I was rocking, Thomas and Emma on either side of me on a pew covered in Hot Wheels, crayons and Cheerios. Now Thomas and Emma sit with friends at church and usually Jack, Liz and I can make it the whole service without Cheerios.

It’s going too fast.


4 thoughts on “It’s Going Too Fast

  1. Your Dad and your Uncle Gary received invitations to attend the Class Reunion celebrating 50 (FIFTY) years since they graduated from High School. Don’t tell us it’s going too fast!

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