My Posse, My Gang, My Crew

Last night I had a most rare opportunity to spend time with four of my five best friends: my sister Ella, bff Michelle, SIL Sheran, and new dff Rhonda. The only person missing was bff Brenda who refused was unable to make the nine hour drive just for supper.

This group of ladies has served as my posse, my gang, my crew for a while now. While most are acquainted with one another, this is not a group that hangs out together regularly. In fact two of them live hours (and hours) away. Nevertheless, they all act as my support system, prayer warriors, and conscience.

They lift me up when I need lifting.

They listen when I need to vent.

They celebrate with me, sorrow with me and slap me down when I need slapping.

They remember what needs remembering and forget what should’ve never been said.

They get me.

I have been blessed with these five women. God has gathered them to me and I take full advantage of their wisdom, faith and patience. And I thank God for the opportunity to celebrate our friendship together last night.

my posse


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