Moving House

Even though several projects are yet to be marked off the girls’ room to-do list, this past weekend we moved their beds and clothes down and now they’re officially living in their new room.

Still to be completed projects include:

  • repair bedroom door
  • repaint dresser top and wax drawers
  • tweak the ruffled lampshade
  • hang the bulletin board
  • make and hang London shade
  • build a platform bed and corner cabinet
  • order and place vinyl Bible verse for wall
  • build platform for and redecorate doll house
  • build closet organizer
  • hang closet doors
  • build jewelry organizer
  • buy and hang full-length mirror

I admit it’s a lot. And few of these are small, grab-the-glue-gun projects. And my children are EXTREMELY impatient (Thomas knows his room is next). And we still have to work and live and keep calendar dates as well. And don’t even get me started on the weather. Or money.

But honestly, I’m having so much fun!



3 thoughts on “Moving House

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