I’m Kinda Mad At Barb

So I’m kinda mad a Barb right now. Granted it’s not really her fault, but still.

Since we’ve been graced with Barb (and I mean ‘graced’ literally, not sarcastically) she’s had three major breakdowns, two of which while Jack was on long-distance trips with her. Now I’m not totally naive; I knew to expect some maintenance and repairs. I had even been warned that both maintenance and repairs on Barb’s particular make and model are usually more expensive than average, but y’all!

Every time we take her to a dealership (which is what one does when one is hundreds of miles away from one’s trusted mechanic) we get screwed gouged.  $300+ for spark plugs?! Spark plugs we could’ve replaced ourselves if we’d had time and tools. $200+ for new battery- a battery that died soon after (within hours!) because the problem wasn’t the battery, but the alternator?! Which the diagnostic we paid for but they admittedly didn’t run would’ve told them?!?! (Don’t think I didn’t get my money back for that little line item.)

{deep breath} I have a theory on this pattern of extortion: I believe that they (the evil, bad, mechanics) see the well-groomed, polite LINCOLN NAVIGATOR DRIVING mark coming and assume he has money to spend. Well, hah- the joke’s on them. We have no money! And hah, hah- we’re not too proud to drive off (or be drug off as the case may be- sheesh).

This weekend God was with Jack. On a trip to Dallas he was sidelined first in Lubbock and then again later in Abilene. SIL Rebecca was on hand in Lubbock to help fetch and carry and in Abilene God directed Jack to an honest, Christian mechanic who gave us a fair deal in a timely manner (Firestone Complete Auto Care on Pine in Abilene rocks!).

I know none of this is Barb’s fault really. She’s just doing her job the best her parts will let her. I find though that I don’t trust her as well as I once did. And sometimes I resent the fact that her make and model (something she surely didn’t have a say in!) seems to cause me problems.

Poor Barb. So maligned.

Jack & Barb


2 thoughts on “I’m Kinda Mad At Barb

  1. enjoy your “ponderings”, sweet girl. I have to admit I have some sympathy for Barb, she’s a product of her creator…(.hmmmm? might could get a sermon out of that …)

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