KC Gets Crafty

There were no big transformations in the girl’s room this week but I did shock the neighborhood by wielding a glue gun in a crafty manner. Here are the results:

I ruffled this lamp shade. It’s not as cute as the Pinterest inspiration, but it’s done.


Ella actually bought the framed print and made the garland hanging from the shelf, but I bought that clock. Isn’t it perfect?!

photo coming soon

Ella also envisioned and put together this bulletin board by digging the frame out of Grandma’s Alma’s cedar closet then painting it and covering the board with fabric. Emma and I hot glued the ribbon and Liz made the button thumbtacks.

And last but not least is the coffee filter wall flower I made all by myself. Ack! That’s a lie; Mama made the rosette in the center. I’m so proud!

We still have a few projects to complete before we’ll call this room complete, but this week we’re moving the girls in anyway. Exciting stuff! You won’t want to miss it.


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