Caramel Kisses and Craft White Dreams

So wallpapering over the mural did not go well. Either sister Ella and I (and then later Mama and Jack) didn’t know what we were doing, or we bought the wrong materials for the job (paintable wall liner) or that mural just wanted to be painted over.

So we painted, and there were tears but the walls are now a warm, calm Valspar shade called ‘caramel’


and the ceiling and furniture is a bright, clean Valspar shade called ‘craft white’.

craft white

I’m especially excited to get a few pieces of the girls furniture painted. They inherited a very pretty bedroom suit from my cousin, but I’ve always hated the color. To my eye (probably due to certain … responsibilities I must witness at work), the furniture was a lovely shade of urine.

hydration check

I’d say about a stage 2. Ick and uck!

While painting, we refreshed the ceiling fan blades and then had some fun spray painting the fan and furniture hardware this cool shade of turquoise. It’s Emma’s favorite.


This room is gonna be a fun mixture of our prairie bungalow bones, shabby chic, a splash of art deco and the occasional disco ball. Stay tuned!


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