Near-Instant Gratification

Our recent foray into needlework  got me all excited to embroidery my favorite Bible verse for my office. After helping me pencil the words onto some cotton,  my sister Ella found this little jewel on

embroidered oak tree

 and I got distracted.

I made this for Ella,

rooted in love

this for Mama,

a song in my heart

this for bff Michelle

girded with strength

and this for new friend Rhonda

dignity and strength

Since then I’ve made a pendant for SIL Thea, a Minion ring for Ella and four of five pendants for sale in a couple friendly boutiques.

My favorite part? The near-instant gratification. I can have one of these things knocked out in a couple hours if I put my mind to it.

Fun! Oh and there’s another free embroidery class starting at the library this week. So much fun!



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