The Mural

Just a little over 15 years ago my mother-on-law, excited with us for our first baby, painted a mural on the nursery wall.

the mural

We added a picket fence (now acting as a trellis in our garden) and some insect decals and our nursery was decorated. We brought the baby home, got a couple pictures with family and then promptly moved six hours away.

Fast forward 15 years: the baby is 15 and his two sisters (12 & 9) are trading rooms with him. Thomas has ingeniously covered the mural with an 8’x10’ wall hanging, but this has been found to be not in keeping with the new flavor of the room, which screams PRE-TEEN GIRL. Everyone agrees that the mural is too ‘babyish’ for their taste, yet no one will consent to paint the mural over. There are arguments. Mulish expressions. Tears.

So we’re wallpapering.

Stay tuned.


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