Christmas Crafting

Today is the first day of Christmas vacation. My kids are sleeping-in and dreaming of days without schedules, homework and chores. That is until they get bored which should happen at oh, about 2:37 this afternoon. So Jack and I got prepared this year with a list of crafts and gifts to make and the supplies to complete them. Here’s what we’ve got planned:

  • Thomas wants to make applebutter following Grandma Jackie’s recipe,
  • I assigned Emma to sewing pajama bottoms for us all plus my nephews Jared and Luke, and
  • Liz wants to make everyone a water-color on tile coaster.

In addition, instead of giving each kid $5 and taking them to Dollar Tree to buy gifts for one another, we’ve challenged the kids to make gifts for each other. Everyone seems excited and we have the supplies requested on hand. I’m so glad I have to work the next few days. UPDATE 01-05-15 (the last day of Christmas vacation):

  • the applesauce for applebutter is still in the jars on the kitchen cabinet
  • Emma cut out seven pairs of pj bottoms, but only sewed together two
  • Liz is still crafting.

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