Saturday Was A Gorgeous Day!

After breakfast Jack and I went to Guthals and picked out the most beautiful Christmas tree. Truly, it was calling to me; the perfect shape, the perfect height- it was grown for our little house. Of course, now that it’s installed in our little house it seems a bit tall- 13 feet tall to be exact. Our vaulted ceiling can handle it, but we may have to buy more lights.

Later I actually felt energetic enough to clean out the flower beds like I’d planned. Jack and Emma carried 8+ trash cans of clipped plant material, dead leaves, pine needles and trash to the dumpster. The wind blew 90 per the next day and now the beds are full of leaves and trash again. Pretty.

Underneath all that trash we found three trash bags of canna, daylily and iris bulbs to dig out and help into hibernation. About 90% of that will be looking for new, responsible, loving homes come spring.

While lying in the (dead) grass under the Silverleaf Maple during one of my many breaks, I observed that all this year’s new growth (limbs) on that tree was red. From my position –on my back, looking straight up- the red was particularly stunning against the perfectly clear cerulean blue sky. When’s the last time you lay in the (dead) grass looking at the sky? I highly recommend it.

Despite being excruciatingly a little sore and not getting the (12 bags of) mulch spread, it was an amazing day. Thank you Lord for the little late fall break.


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