10 on the Tenth- My Christmas Wish List

For a couple weeks now we’ve been encouraging the kids to ‘shop’ with their amazon.com wish lists so we’ll have some idea of what they’d like for Christmas. Shopping for teens/pre-teens is SO much harder –and more expensive- than shopping for toddlers. Ugh!

About a year ago I wrote a letter to Santa as my 10-years-older self and I wished for some intangible things and a few tangible, but very ambitious things. For today’s 10 on the Tenth I’ll list my top-10 more manageable wishes:

  1. window treatments for the public bathroom
  2. light fixture to hang above our dining table
  3. stained glass dragonfly to hang in round window above staircase
  4. macramé wall hanging to hang on knee wall overlooking living room
  5. trim and door repair for patio door
  6. black boots
  7. 2 dozen Bentley ColorWare 20 oz glasses in Ruby
  8. an apricot tree
  9. a bench for my shade garden
  10. a bulb bed

That doesn’t seem like too much to ask for does it?


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