Bringing History to Life

Liz’s 4th grade social studies class did the coolest thing this year: they hosted a Wax Museum.

After dressing up like the person they were portraying and spacing themselves around the Elementary hallways, the kids stood with heads bowed until someone –parents, students, friends- touched their orange ‘button’. Once ‘activated’ the student came to life reciting historical facts about the famous people they were portraying.

Liz- Amelia Earhart

Lizzie was Amelia Earhart. Other figures represented were Sacagawea, George Washington, Elvis Presley, Walt Disney, and various sports and celebrity personages.

We had a fun time putting together Liz’s costume and we’re all so proud of her for memorizing her entire presentation. If only memorizing spelling words and math facts were so much fun.

What other exciting ways have y’all seen to bring history to life?


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