Purple Aster

My purple aster are blooming. Bought on a whim several summers ago, I have enjoyed this plant a lot over the years.


A perennial Texas native, this gray-green herbaceous bush bursts in the early fall with nickel-to-quarter-size, daisy-shaped lavender flowers with vibrant yellow centers. Hardly a year goes by that someone doesn’t stop to ask about our (usually) butterfly-covered corners.

I have two plants, one in the east bed which receives strong early to mid-morning sun and the other in the south bed which receives strong sun all day. Both plants are about 2 feet by 2 feet by 2 and I usually cut them in half each spring. Yep, you read that right; if we didn’t thin ‘em out they’d take over both beds. Unfortunately only two other gardeners have had success transplanting from our beds. I like to say that’s because their beds aren’t being fertilized by the neighbor’s cats who hide in my flowerbeds to die.

Honestly, I treat this plant pretty rough. At least twice throughout the summer I clip the branches back to about six inches so the aster doesn’t shade out other plants and since I’ve placed them in water-wise beds, they don’t get the water the same plants growing down south get. Still, they put on a great show every fall and I’m excited they’re blooming again!



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