Curl Up & Dye

We’ve been having the hair traumas at Casa Smallwood this past month and it’s all my fault.

It all started the second or third week of June when I ‘highlighted’ the girls’ hair hot pink and screaming purple for the summer.

Oh, how my parents hated that, which I didn’t get at all. I mean it’s not like I let the girls get tattooed or pierced! Of course now I can’t get the color out!!

I used this: its awesome stuff!

While the girls were sporting ‘cool’ hair, I spent the summer ignoring my hair which led to a sad, unintentional ombre of white, reddish-blonde and dirty auburn. Heavy on the white. So heavy in fact that when I tried to color my hair –with my regular brand and color, L’Oreal 6RB, light reddish brown- I got a nice halo of lavender around my face and a deep reddish purple everywhere else. Yeah.

Bff rushed right over and we covered it again with a dark, dark brown, but to say my hair was shocking would be an understatement. Think a dark, shiny red mahogany. Subtle it was/is not.

Exactly a week later came the deadline for returning the girls hair to normal (the night before school started of course), so I cheerfully gathered up their only semi-faded strands of pink and pinkish-purple hair and applied the medium blonde hair color my beautician had suggested. Which worked wonders to brighten and refresh the pink and purple streaks! Yikes!!! To add insult to injury, I then tried some of my light reddish brown in an effort to cover the pink and purple and HELLO ORANGE STREAKS!

Ughhh. And before you ask, I have tried bleaching numerous times over the last couple weeks, but have finally given up and agreed to just hide the streaks in braids and creative tucks until the color grows out. So far the school seems cool with that.

What have we learned? Well, apparently all we learned is to try another brand next year because the girls want to do it again and I’m a pushover. Sorry Mama and Daddy!


6 thoughts on “Curl Up & Dye

  1. Aww it looks fun, glad your kids enjoyed it and want to do it again heh. Colors do show up differently on light hair. My friend tried to dye her hair red in high school for spirit week – it ended up hot pink! My hair is so dark that I probably would just get a tint change.

  2. We used KoolAid on my 4yo girl’s hair for the 4th of July this summer. Turns out that’s actually pretty permanent which the blogs I read failed to mention. So, I don’t recommend red KoolAid. Maybe the lighter colors, though- the blue or orange. And maybe only leave the hair in the KoolAid for a couple minutes. It’s such fun, though!

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