Maybe We Should Rename ‘Fall’ ‘Run’!

Can you believe we’re already starting the 4th week of school? Time is flying!

Here’s a quick recap of weeks 1-3:

  • 08-25 the first day of school was slightly traumatic as I’ve mentioned before. We survived.
  • 08-30 TSM (Texico Student Ministry) City-Wide Clean-Up. A very cool ministry of our youth department. Jack and Thomas loaded trash onto trailers while I helped cook/serve lunch and the girls manned the nursery.
  • 08-31 Bonfire/Cookout w/church family at neighbors.
  • 09-01 Labor Day- the kids had school and I was sick as a dog. Fun.
  • 09-02 Doctor appointment and errands in Amarillo. Now sick as three dogs. It’s at this point I quit pretending this is a virus and call in sick for the rest of the week.
  • 09-05 This was Homecoming Week for the kids. They had pajama day, funny hat day, tie-dye day, and dress up day. I did not get one picture. Plus, also- homework every ding-dang night this week!
  • 09-06 Granne’s here! With the niece and nephew! I so hope no one goes home sick. Oh, and this is the day Thomas and the cross country team drove to a meet an hour away only to find they’d cancelled due to flooding and forgot to call us. Luckily Jack and Granne only made it halfway before T called and told them to turn around.
  • 09-08 I went to work! Thomas started djembe lessons and Emma started clarinet practice every night. Noisy!
  • 09-10 T2WM planning meeting and first meeting of God’s Girls which Jack, niece Ashlie and I are teaching this year. Busy day!
  • 09-13 Thomas ran cross country and came in a very strong 2nd. The girls and I helped fill after-school snack packs at the local food bank. Fun day!
  • Emma, Liz @ Food Bank
  • 09-14 Jack turned 51 today. To keep him young we hosted the youth at our home. More on that later.

To be honest, the next three weeks look only slightly less busy. I have work training, Jack is substituting nearly every day, Thomas has lots more cross country and the girls and I are registered for a beginning embroidery class. Maybe we should rename ‘Fall’ ‘Run’!


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