It Feels Like A Big Deal To Me

My son went out to a movie with friends this past Saturday night. Thomas is 14, nearly 15 so it obviously wasn’t his first night out without us, but this felt different. This time he wasn’t out with cousins or a school or church group. There was no parent, chaperone or youth director present. Just a friend who recently earned his driver’s license who called and ask T to go to a movie. Two or three guys out on the town together.

When I was Thomas’ age we were mostly hanging out at the elementary basketball court if you could actually get into town to do any hanging. I lived for Sunday night volleyball ‘practice’ at the church because it was an after dark, boy/girl activity that my parents never said no to. The actual church league volleyball meets themselves were less fun because there was usually too much competition for ‘our’ ‘men’. We had a good looking less geeky-looking crop of boys than most other tiny-town Baptists in the association. Or so we thought.

Do kids still cruise Main? The first time I cruised Main was with my cousin Annette and her best friend Lori. I might’ve been 12. I distinctly remember Blondie on the radio. Or maybe it was Survivor. I know it was the coolest thing I’d ever done.

We had to drive to Paris (Texas) to cruise and we cruised Lamar, not Main. East on Lamar to Mirabeau Square, around the Square and then west on Lamar to the Sonic. Not a Sonic, the Sonic. We were so cool in Staci’s brown Chevette with the windows wide and the heater on high. We sang along with Whitney Houston and Bananarama and Wilson Phillips. So sweet. Sticky sweet. Saccharine. By the time we were ‘too old’ for cruising, we were obviously listening to Def Leppard and White Snake.

Thomas and his friends didn’t cruise Saturday night. They went and saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and ate a Chili’s, which was pretty uneventful I guess. But it still felt like a big deal to me. {sigh}


6 thoughts on “It Feels Like A Big Deal To Me

  1. I always loved to take you girls to town to drag main, made me feel young again
    we did the same thing in Muleshoe, down mail then to the pig lot to park and see if any guys came by,
    you could always drive off fast if you didn’t want to talk to them

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