How Do You Show Teacher Appreciation?

Today is the first day of school for kids across the country.


Here in my part of Texas the kids don’t go back until next week, but the teachers had to report today.


I could not be a teacher. Oh, I can decorate and organize a classroom, prepare and even teach a lesson, but I have neither the talent nor the passion to make a lesson fun, to turn facts and figures into places and shapes or to inspire a child to want more. I believe teaching is a gift and a calling.

For many years now I’ve wanted to be that parent that showed my appreciation to teachers by keeping the teacher’s lounge full of snacks, providing meals for the teacher’s family on especially busy days and giving the occasional pedicure or date night voucher for use on those particularly heinous teaching days. I think I’ve delivered one casserole and maybe, possibly a dozen cookies or so over the past eight years. Epic fail.

This year I’m gonna do something different. This year instead of feeling guilty about not baking enough, I’m gonna commit to pray for my kid’s teachers.

Not only will I pray for these teacher’s effectiveness, wisdom and creativity in the classroom, but I’ll also pray for plenty of cooperation, patience, perseverance, compassion, laughter, physical, emotional and spiritual health, rest, and a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day.

Included in my prayer list are Liz’s three 4th grade teachers, Emma and Thomas’ 10-12 Jr High teachers plus a new principal, my sister- principal extraordinaire- and my favorite homeschooler, bff Michelle.

How do you show teacher appreciation?


2 thoughts on “How Do You Show Teacher Appreciation?

  1. First Baptist Church of De Kalb hosts a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon each year just before school starts. Since I am now Head of the Kitchen Committee, for the past two years, this has been my honor.
    Tomorrow, we will feed about 160 teachers and support staff of five different campuses lasagna, salad, broccoli casserole, garlic bread and cheesecake. We had a cooking day on Saturday and made five large pans of lasagna. Yes, from scratch! Today I will buy the fresh broccoli and we will prepare the casseroles as the lasagna bakes. We will also put a Turtle topping on the New York Style cheesecakes I bought from Sam’s.
    I sincerely hope they all enjoy the meal we will have prepared.

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