Dynamic Duo

Post Disclaimer: Today’s post focuses on Michelle and I, but we are in no way the only two women involved in T2WM. It takes several women with a myriad of gifts to pull together an effective ministry.

I talked bff Michelle into helping out on the Titus 2 Women’s Ministry planning team. This ministry is gonna rock!

You see, Michelle and I have very different gifts- I am an excellent secretary, she is an excellent entertainer; I lean more towards service projects and checked boxes and she leans more towards relationship-building and big imagination. We are an awesome team.

Michelle and I have been doing ministry together for a long time. We started back in our (early) 20s teaching teenage girls. We’ve worked together teaching pre-school, pre-teens, teenagers, Bible and Sunday schoolers of all ages and women. We’ve thrown parties, hosted teas, taught lessons, built play-groups, facilitated small groups, shared Bible studies and everything you can think of in between. We’ve even (once) chaperoned six teenagers to a national conference. THAT’s dedication y’all.

I’m excited to work with Michelle again. She’s planning a Pink Piggie Party for our fall event, while I’m concentrating on organizing our STAR box project for another year. Can you say dynamic duo?


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