10 on the Tenth- Baby Names

This month’s 10 on the Tenth subject is baby names. I’m pretty sure I’m fixing to offend some people.

Let’s be honest: we make certain assumptions about a person based on their name. Nobody expects ‘Destiny’ to be all that bright or ‘Timothy’ to be all that athletic. ‘Blake’s’ gonna get called up a lot more often than ‘Earl’ and ‘Sarah’ has a better chance at the job than ‘Caliope’.

Do parents not think ahead when naming their kids? Did all those new, 1982 mama’s of tow-headed baby girls think ‘Granny Krystle’ would somehow sound dignified in 2027? Aren’t you just asking to have your kid beat up when you name him ‘Buck’ (Hello Aunt Jo!)?

We stuck with more traditional family names when naming our kids. (Yes Aunt Jo, I have heard that ‘Buck’ is a family name. Was ‘Bain’?) My one spurt of creativity saddled poor EmmaLee Theron with an unfortunate moniker in an effort to honor my grandmothers. I wish I’d stuck with my original thought.

I’m done having kids and I can nearly guarantee that my kids won’t listen to a word I say when they start naming their own. And I’m positive I’ll love baby ‘K$isha’ as much as I would have loved baby ‘Lucy’. In the meantime, here’s my top ten baby names. We used five of these names when naming our three kids. Maybe when Lizzie becomes a cat lady she’ll use the rest.

  1. Thomas Doyle
  2. Emma Claire
  3. Samuel Jack
  4. Aimee Elizabeth
  5. Andrew Max
  6. Lily Caroline
  7. Jacob Evan
  8. Charlotte Isobel
  9. Daniel Bennet
  10. Olivia Grace

2 thoughts on “10 on the Tenth- Baby Names

  1. Yes KC, Buck is a family name, on both sides of their families. I will admit, none of the family members were actually named Buck, it was just their nicknames. I also will admit to trying to talk them out of it. I didn’t even talk them into the order of his names and they ended up legally changing his name from Weldon Buck to Buck Weldon within the first six weeks of his life. I will never be convinced that he was named that for any other reason than that Cary thought it was the coolest name ever. Cary did not even know there were two Buck Eubanks in our family until after they had decided on the name.
    Bain is not a family name. They actually went to Slaton Cemetary and walked around reading gravestones for two hours to find Bain. And it was a last name at that! However, they did use Hoyt’s middle name for Bain. Bain William Eubanks. And by now, for us, Buck & Bain just go together.

    • Buck and Bain DO go together!

      Like I said, I wish I’d stuck with ‘Emma Clair’ for Emma. I tried to honor Grandma (with ‘EmmaLee’, kinda like Alma Lee) and Mema (with ‘Theron’) and they were both like: hmm.

      I SO wanted to name Thomas ‘Thomas Doyle’ after Uncle Doyle, but Jack wanted to name him ‘Thomas Doyal’ after his mother’s maiden name so we compromised with ‘Thomas Jack’. Good thing I guess. Thomas is the 4th generation ‘Jack’.

      All this coming from a person named ‘Cassandra Laydelle’. With a handle like that who needs a stripper name?

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