Writing Workshop: Corny-ly

Assignment: Imagine watching a fireworks show with your family. In a burst of red, white, and blue, an urgent message suddenly appears in the night sky. What does it say? What will you do?


  • excitedly: “Did you see that?”
  • boredly: “See what?”
  • agitatedly: “That! That last burst of fireworks spelled out ‘pop’.”
  • dismissively: “I think you’re seeing thing-“
  • insistently: “No! There is it again. The red, capital ‘p’, the white ‘o’ and a blue ‘p’. It’s there!”
  • eagerly: “You’re right! I see it! And look there, right at the end, as the blue ‘p’ is fading. Does that look like a small ‘5’?”
  • curiously: “Pop 5? What does that mean? Is that fireworks company name?”
  • knowingly: “Maybe it’s the name of the shooting crew.”
  • doubtfully: “Yeah, maybe. But seems like they’d save that til the end; you know like a signature. ‘Pop 5, ‘pop 5’. I wish they’d show it again.”
  • animatedly: “There! It’s there! Watch for the ‘5’!”
  • inquisitively: “Is it a ‘5’ or a ‘s’?” I think it could be a ‘s’.”
  • thoughtfully: “Could be. ‘P’, ‘o’, ‘p’, ‘s’- ‘pops’. Makes more sense than ‘Pop 5’.”
  • suggestively: “Makes me hungry for a peanut butter shake from Pop’s Place.”
  • happily: “Me too! Let’s head on over before the crowd starts moving.”
  • welcomingly: “Welcome, folks! What can we get ya?”
  • cautiously: “Two peanut butter shakes, please. Say, we thought we saw the word ‘Pops’ in the fireworks tonight. Made us crave shakes. Silly, right?”
  • approvingly: “Never silly, my friend! We bought a special fireworks package as an advertising stunt. First customer to admit they seen it, gets free shakes for a year. Congratulations! That’s you!”
  • appreciatively: “Thanks man! We’ll never doubt our eyes again!”





4 thoughts on “Writing Workshop: Corny-ly

  1. I had one ambition for today, which was to spend the entire day reading. I’ve done quite a bit of that in addition to taking a nap or two. Gary even cooked supper, steaks, corn on the cob, fries, fresh tomatoes and cantaloupe. Then just after dark, Gary & I got in the car, backed up to our back yard and watched the city fireworks from the comfort of our air conditioned, mosquito free car. Then we returned to the house for watermelon! A very successful Fourth! God Bless America!

      • I’ve been reading Jeffrey Archer. He has a series of four subtitled : The Clifton Chronicles. I’ve read all four and now I’m reading another series by him. Kane & Abel is the first and I’m on the second, The Prodigal Daughter. I’m pretty sure that “Sons Of Fortune” is the third in this series.

      • Sounds good. Not sure if I’ve ever read him before. You should check out goodreads.com. There’s no way to ever catch up with all you’ve read, but it’s an easy way for us to suggest books to each other.

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