T2WM: Backpack Buddies

There’s nothing sweeter than seeing a grown man sniff crayons. My Jack loves the smell of Crayola crayons. If Crayola made a room deodorizer he’d be happy all the time.


The smell of crayons is one of the reasons I love school supply shopping. I also love the freedom of a fresh pad of blank paper, the electric snap of new binder rings, and the clean, crisp lines of an unused marker. I love labeling everything, giving my kids the tools to create something new, to experience different things and to become who God means them to be.

That’s a lot of responsibility for a pair of Fiskar scissors, but new school supplies have always been a gateway to limitlessness and opportunity. Unfortunately not everyone can provide that gateway to their children and so this year our Titus 2 Women’s Ministry (T2WM) is taking our Star blueprint and creating Backpack Buddies.

All you have to do to be a Backpack Buddy is pick up a school supply list, fill a backpack while you’re shopping for you own kids (or for yourself- we won’t tell) and return it to the church for delivery. It’s so easy and makes such a big impact in the community.

Check out the local school supply drives in your area or start one yourself! The more the world smells of crayon the happier we’ll all be.


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