It’s The Trailer-Trash Coming Out In Me

We have the cutest little garden shed in our back yard. It sits in all its tin glory storing our camping gear and our holiday decorations and our gardening tools and for years now I’ve wanted to paint the door turquoise on a background of purple and hang an orange and yellow smiling sunshine on it.

It’s the trailer-trash coming out in me.

One evening while Jack repeated his vicious, yet consistent denial of my creativity, I offered up an “alternative”. My sweet hubby said yes to painting a Texas flag on the side of the shed and my crafty sister and mother raced over to get the job done.


Everybody helped: Mama, Lizzie, Lala, Thomas, Emma and even Grandma Alma painted in the hot sun.

The flag shines proudly and can be seen by passersby from the street. There’s also room for the metal art Dr Pepper bottle temperature gauge I’ve been coveting and a few of the Texas license plates from Thomas’ collection. It’s gonna be a great conversation piece at our next party.

And since we painted on the east wall I can still paint my door turquoise. You know, if I still wanted to.


6 thoughts on “It’s The Trailer-Trash Coming Out In Me

  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see a picture posted of the actual frontal completed project! I want to do this… I wish we had a place to do it.. I may try and talk my husband into it!!!!

  2. Fabulous!! My husband keeps threatening to build a shed for all my “crap” (aka fabric, craft supplies and handmade shop stuff). He calls it a shed… I like to use the term “studio” and I TOTALLY want to paint the Texas Flag on the side when I get it! 🙂

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