Writing Workshop: Dear Me

Assignment: Write a letter to your graduating self. What would you tell her to be sure to do and what should she be sure not to do?

Submission: Ahh, present-me-to-past-me letters; such a quandary. On the one hand who wouldn’t want to save their younger, less experience self some drama? On the other hand, I wouldn’t be who I am today if I hadn’t gone through all the drama. {sigh} Okay, here goes.

Dear 1988 KC-

Much like Marty McFly I’ve learned a few things over the years. Unlike Marty I had to do it the hard way as time travel has yet to be perfected. Tip 1: don’t invest in DeLorean.

KC Sr Pic

KC, today you’re young, skinny, flush with graduation money and brimming with confidence. Not to burst your bubble or nothing, but honey all that’s gonna come to a screeching halt in about four months if you don’t take a little reality check here. KC you are smart, you are pretty and you are not afraid to work. Take those attributes and OWN them. Don’t let fear steal your youth and never be ashamed to ask for help. No one every gained respect from unnecessary failure. Tip 2: stop with the Dr Peppers now.

Now I know getting out of town and going to college are pretty high up in your thinking order right now. Know this: home will ALWAYS be there, but you’re an adult now. Get up, get out and take responsibility for yourself. Be realistic about your education and again don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Tip 3: math is not your love language.

Right up there with college are boys and let me tell you, pretty soon your friends are gonna start pairing up (some in unexpected ways) and you’re gonna feel the loss. Start praying for the man God intends for you right now and pray also for the patience to wait on God’s timing. This man will love you and God both, he will treat you well, and he will be well-respected by those closest to you. HE IS OUT THERE. Tip 4: when you find him, follow him. Once again, don’t let fear steal your life.

Last, girl get out there and have some fun. They ain’t lying when they say life is short. Try new things, have adventures, make new friends. It’s a great big world and you’re gonna want to see a lot of it. Make it happen. Tip 5: invest in a good camera and a sturdy journal now.

Lotsa love to you girl!

-2014 KC


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