International Day of Capitalism

Wikipedia says yesterday, May 18, was the International Day of Capitalism. It is unclear whether the International Day of Capitalism celebrates capitalism as an economic theory or as an element of punctuation, but I’m gonna go with economic theory and talk about my capitalist pursuits.

In addition to my full-time job our little family has two small businesses, neither of which is making us any money: High Plains Education Services (HPES) and Smallwood Landscaping. HPES is an effort to provide some much needed state mandated education to our area while both easing Jack back into the work-force post-surgery and earn us a little dosh. Smallwood Landscaping is an effort to provide the kids with summer income while teaching a little work-ethic and money management.

Neither effort is going great guns, but neither can be deemed a complete failure either. Both have been in business ‘officially’ for about a year now, so I’m taking stock, evaluating practices, reviewing corporate structure.

Annnd, three minutes later here’s my Annual Report: we’re gonna cut overhead by taking down the $24.99 per month HPES website which has garnered 0 hits in the past four months (but was so much fun to build) and we’re gonna expand our landscaping workforce by allowing Emma to take on jobs that Thomas deems too … smalltime and thus increase our market share.

How was that? Did I use all the right lingo? Am I within the parameters of the business plans? Or have I just bankrupted us all?


4 thoughts on “International Day of Capitalism

  1. Never heard of this particular holiday before, but I love family businesses! I think my boys will be doing their first landscaping efforts this summer.

  2. I do believe you have hit all the buzzwords, and you can even add in that you will be increasing your profit margin, thus adding to your bottom line and pleasing all your investors. Huzzah! 🙂

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