Axis of Ineptitude: Fashion and Me

So in a shocking turn of events, Shelley at Slightly Off Kilter and Evin at Food Good Laundry Bad have chosen yet another area of discussion at which I am stunningly inept: Fashion.

For example, today I’m wearing –at work mind you- a hot pink t-shirt, stone-washed blue jeans and white tennis shoes and since the t-shirt is not a camp shirt and the tennis shoes are clean, I feel pretty good about my choices. I’m clean, I’m comfortable and I’m cute- at least in my own mind. Once I throw on my black sweater I’ll also be warm in this frigid old building.

My wardrobe is pretty simple. For work and church I rotate through beige, black, blue and brown dress pants paired with black or brown pumps, loafers or boots. For more casual days I have my trusty blue jeans, and some cutting-edge black-, olive- or denim-colored capris paired with white or Wonder Woman tennis shoes or flip flops. I top all this off with a myriad of bright, flow-y tops that draw the eye and hide the curves. Easy, peasy!

I think the fashion gene just missed me. Both Grandma Alma and Mema are (were in Mema’s case) snappy dressers, as are my mama, my sister and my daughter Emma. But for me –and daughter Lizzie- it’s all about clean and comfy and not necessarily in that order.

If I were gonna wish a fashion era back into existence I’d have to go with the neat, ladylike look of the 50s. Everything in its place, modest yet feminine and simple. Of course, I’m not AT ALL interested in a.) building these miraculous garments for myself or b.) wearing all the undergarments that keep everything in its place. Remember, I’m all about COMFORT.

So what about y’all? What’s the driving force behind your fashion choices?


12 thoughts on “Axis of Ineptitude: Fashion and Me

  1. I’m an elementary school teacher and mother to a mobile baby, so I’m all about comfort and being able to move quickly! That being said, though, I love to wear cute, fashionable knit tops with jeans. They look great and more “put together” than t-shirts, but are still comfortable and allow for easy movement. Throw on a pair of comfy flat sandals and I’m good to go!

  2. I’m with you on the comfort level thing. I’m currently wearing sweat pants and a college tshirt. It’s my uniform for work (since I work from home!).

  3. I would love for 50’s style to come back into vogue. So classy and beautiful. I went shopping for a dress the other day. Nothing fancy per se – just something I could feel like a girl in… COULD NOT FIND ONE I liked. They are all … just… wrong.

  4. I’m all about comfort… especially since I almost never leave the house LOL 98% of the time I’m in yoga pants or old worn out jeans and a Tee Shirt. I’m getting my truck back after being without ir for almost 5 months… I’ll probably start dressing better sine I’ll be able to go out more LOL

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