Flashback Friday- Cody

Nearly 19 years ago, life as my sister, brother and me understood it ceased when precious Cody was born and our mama became Granne. Cody was the first grandchild and the cutest thing since Precious Moments figurines.

nieces & nephews

This is Cody with me and Jack at our wedding nine months later. In an event FULL of nieces and nephews, Cody was everybody’s darling.

Emma, Cody

This is Cody a couple Christmas’ ago. Mercy, look at the evil glint in that child’s eye. He is hands down, one of the most mischievous boys I’ve ever known. Just a few weeks ago he was benched for writing an inappropriate message on the baseball bus (honk if you’re horny!) and the week before that he was in trouble for ‘accidentally’ mooning someone- I never said he was classy- I said he’s mischievous. And he’s well loved for it. This year Cody was voted to have ‘Best Personality’ at Detroit High School (that’s Dee-troit, TX, not Da-troit, MI y’all).


This is Cody today, with his long and lanky self. Cody’s a senior this year and graduating from high school in a few weeks. Apart from being full-time class clown, Cody’s managed to play football, basketball, baseball and golf, all at a high level of accomplishment, serve as an officer in FFA, and compete/serve with his church’s ranch rodeo team, to their credit. Cody also holds down two part-time jobs and still manages to tear up vehicles at an amazing rate. I could not be more proud of this boy.

He is my Ne-phew and I am his Ain’tie. I love you Cody!


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