Axis Of Ineptitude: Art and Me

Axis of Ineptitude

This month I’m joining Shelley at Slightly Off Kilter and Evin at Food Good Laundry Bad once a week in their Axis of Ineptitude linkup. Be sure to jump over and check out all the entries- there’re assignments every day!

Today’s Axis of Ineptitude topic is especially apt for me as ‘inept’ is the perfect word to describe my artistic skills. I was the kid who never colored outside the lines and made all dogs brown and all leaves green. My tile mosaics and tissue paper collages were strictly ROY G BIV graduated shading and as precisely spaced as time would allow. In high school art my (non-living thank God) parrot model had to be placed upside-down before I could quit seeing a bird and start seeing lines and shapes. I guess you might call my artistic vision literal, maybe even unimaginative. My sister calls it anal.

But even for precise, unoriginal me there are creative outlets. I consider our home a reflection of my taste and creativity. I’m unhurried and I’m extraordinarily picky, which is why it took nearly eight years to hang something on the walls, but it’s ours. It screams ‘Jack and KC’.

I take the greatest joy out of the planning and hard work I’ve put into each of our flowerbeds. I love learning what will grow and bloom well here and which plants are best for birds and insects and who loves sun and what hates mulch. And in the end God makes it all beautiful. Our flowerbeds are a work of art.

Jack says I’m creative in the kitchen; the fact that he says it snidely shouldn’t take away from the art should it?

I cross stitch. I know that it’s someone else’s idea and plan, but it’s my work and my vision for whomever receives it. It’s fair to say that 98% of everything I’ve completed have been given as gifts. My work and attention to detail becomes a reflection of the ones I love.

And I think my kids are my ultimate art project. God gave them to us to mold and shepherd for Him. That takes some 24/7 creativity my friends!

Aren't they beautiful!

Aren’t they beautiful!


16 thoughts on “Axis Of Ineptitude: Art and Me

  1. You are absolutely right about raising kids taking a ton of creativity. I like to take a lot of credit for how awesome my daughter is. Whenever I’m introducing her to a friend of mine for the first time, I say, “Look what I made!!”

    • You know, I used to consider myself a good cook. In fact, there was a time when I helped to support our little family with my cooking talents. But hey, if this opinion of his keeps him in the kitchen and me out, who am I to complain? Thanks for visiting!

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