Getting To Know You,

getting to know all about you. Getting to like you, getting to hope you like me.

So a major goal of our new women’s ministry was to create small groups that deepen relationships, encourage spiritual growth and provide encouragement to the ladies of our community. Much prayer, consideration and practical juggling resulted in some pretty eclectic groups but the groups seem to be coalescing and meeting needs, my small group included.

I’ll be honest- I haven’t put much effort into participating in my group, only making about half the planned meetings. That being said, with each meeting I do attend I feel a little closer tug to these women and I can see our earthy spiritual leader, organized mother figure, loving mother-daughter team, brash mother of preschoolers and quiet newlywed are beginning to feel comfortable with one another.

This past weekend I hosted the group for morning coffee and we all brought photo albums to share. It was a fun way to get to know one another better and we made a new memory for the scrapbooks. Of course I totally forgot to take a photo for those scrapbooks. Yay me.

Do you have a ‘small group’? That group of women who hold you accountable while they hold you up? Share please!


4 thoughts on “Getting To Know You,

  1. Yes Ma’am! I absolutely do. 🙂 Almost all of my married life, I have had a group of women that I could count on in any circumstance and likewise, they could count on me. I host regular brunches and am a firm believer that good food and lots of coffee bring women closer together. Good luck with your women’s meetings. 🙂

  2. Yes, I have a group of ladies that meets each week. I’m still waiting for an “old group” reunion. I imagine it being as great as the KISS reunion, or some equally awesome 80s big hair band. 🙂


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