Writing Workshop: Peach Was My Signature Color

Assignment: What did you wear to prom? How did you get your outfit, and what happened to it?

Submission: Okay, I had this touching post all planned out in my head about shopping with my mama and my aunt for the dress and about how a gaggle of us girls got ready in our little jack and jill bathroom and about how my daughters and niece play dress up in my dress to this day.

But then I found this picture in Grandma Alma’s guest room and y’all, we’re just gonna have to stop and discuss.

KC prom

First of all: IT WAS 1987! You must keep this foremost in your mind at all times.

Okay, let’s move on to my hair. I am not ashamed to admit that on nearly every day of my Junior and Senior years I wore my hair either scrunched up into a banana clip or pulled back into a French braid. I am a little ashamed to admit that I wasn’t more imaginative with my prom hair. I actually paid a hairdresser to French braid my hair. Gah!

Now let’s all take a moment to gaze upon my amazing svelteness. Ahhhh. I was this skinny for about 18 months of my life and I did it all on a diet of Doritos, Twix bars and Dr Peppers. I think it’s one of God’s little curses for the apple in the Garden that we don’t keep our 16-17-18 year old metabolisms. Thanks Eve!

Yeah, I got those ding dang braces off TWO WEEKS after graduation. Loved that orthodontist.

Annnnd the peach. Pink Peach is my signature color. You can imagine how many opportunities I had to wear those shoes again. Come to think of it, I probably did wear those shoes again. I think I was a bridesmaid in a peach-colored wedding some years later. Natch.

Finally, I think I just recognized the lace on this dress as the same pattern (different color thank God) used on the bodice of my wedding dress. I am SUCH a maven of fashion!

So what about your prom dress? Where’d you get it? How’d you wear it and where is it now? Pictures please!


12 thoughts on “Writing Workshop: Peach Was My Signature Color

  1. How Cute!!!! I will have to dig for a prom picture but I know mine was electric blue! I was in love with it. I have no idea where it went to and I know it never got wore again 😦

  2. I love this so much. One of the proms I went to I work a dark green dress that I swear is straight out of Gone with the Wind that my mother actually had custom made for me… it was crazy. Now I need to dig and find an old pic so I can share.

  3. Oh prom. What a mess. I went with the boy I’d broken up with about a week beforehand. He was mean and it was a disaster, but we did at least go with a whole group of friends so I could mostly avoid him. I had a brown dress. Yes, brown. It was a bridesmaids dress return at JCPenney and I was in love with brown senior year. It was long and had a sort of poufy skirt. I got a brown feather boa to go with it. 🙂

    • A feather boa- fancy! From peach I gravitated directly to army green and was stuck there for years, which would’ve been great if I’d’ve joined the army. Unfortunately I had not. Well, it was fortunate for the country, but not so much for my wardrobe. Thanks for visiting!

  4. hmmm can’t say I have any pictures of that event but I do know that my dress was made by a friend of my moms. The sleeves were to tight I never wore it again and well it was blue. Ahhh the good old days right?

  5. I didn’t go to prom but I do have my fair share of dressy pictures that are fun to laugh at–braces with super slick hair and awkward fitting clothes. Teenage years were rough for me!

  6. I didn’t go to my prom either, but if you collected all the new wave/goth fashion looks i tried, i guarantee i can top this peach dress debacle. oh, and hair? i live in Texas, girl, and my hair was big. Like, two inches high, big. Fer real.

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