Mema’s Cheesy New Potatoes

I miss a lot of things about my Mema, but one of the strongest absences this time of year is her Cheesy New Potatoes. It’s been a family favorite for years and here’s how we make it.

red potatoes

Boil two or three (or four or five!) small, new red potatoes per person SKIN ON until tender, but still whole.


Now Mema just threw about 3 cups chopped Velveeta and lots of black pepper into the potato water and stirred until it melted. This makes a pretty thin cheese sauce and you have to be careful not to bust your boiled potatoes, but it tastes like home to us.

If you want to be more … refined (and have more messy pots and pans) you can mix a small amount of flour with ½ cup melting butter in a sauté pan until a rue (sticky mess) is formed, add milk stirring constantly and when heated thru add 3 cups chopped Velveeta. Stir until melty, adding milk to thin to desired constituency, drain the potatoes, then pour cheese sauce over potatoes until well-coated and serve with lots of black pepper.

Alas, my spoiled kids prefer their Velveeta in mac-and-cheese or chicken spaghetti and their red potatoes crashed a la Pioneer Woman, but that’s okay. It only takes me a week of glorious lunches to finish my pot of potatoes and I like crashed potatoes too!


6 thoughts on “Mema’s Cheesy New Potatoes

    • There is no shame in Velveeta! Unless your girlfriend’s name is Velveeta. My daddy has been claiming for years that he has a girlfriend named Velveeta. Mama wishes he’d get a better class girlfriend like a Brie or an Asiago. I think she thinks a higher class girlfriend would choose her higher class gifts to throw off the sent. Thanks for visiting!

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