Y’all! I am so proud of Emma. Look at this:

Emma with the blue dress, blue dress ...

Emma with the blue dress, blue dress …

She made this dress last fall with her own two hands and Aunt Sheran’s supervision. I could not be more impressed. Even with years of sewing lessons from my mama and Mrs. Barnes my extremely patient Home Ec. teacher, I NEVER made as pretty seams as Emma makes now at the age of 11.

Have I mentioned how proud of her I am?

The impetus behind Emma’s new hobby was two-fold. First, poor Emma is built just like me and unfortunately cute, pre-teen clothes are usually too small for her and most junior clothing that does fit is deemed unacceptable for a pre-teen (or most anyone short of hookers and table dancers) in her parent’s eyes. I/we thought maybe she could make herself some cute clothes.

Second, Emma doesn’t really have a hobby that doesn’t involve tv or Pandora. I/we/who remembers wanted her to have a creative outlet that a.) she enjoyed and b.) gave her confidence. I think we’ve hit upon a good fit. She made me pillows for my birthday and she’ll be starting another dress with Aunt Sheran soon.
Next I think I’ll ask for bedroom curtains. Yay Emma!


4 thoughts on “FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Emma Sews

  1. As a one-time seamstress and Emma’s great-grandma, I am EXTREMELY proud of her! Hope she enjoys her sewing as much as I did mine.

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