Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts- 18 Years Later

Jack and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary last week. Holy time Batman, most days I barely feel 18 years old! Well, my body usually feels MUCH older than 18, but in my mind I’m still that slim, smartest-girl-in-the-class with her whole future before her. Scary!

Anyway … due to the fickle spring weather, this weekend we sorted books instead of our regularly scheduled yard work. Fun! And dusty. And educational- apparently I’ve spent a small FORTUNE on books for small group bible study over the years. Unfortunately most of these books were empty. Like new. Completely untouched. How’s that spiritual growth going KC?

Then, in a fit of nostalgia and for the first time in probably 17 years, I dug through the box in which all our wedding memorabilia has been stored. THAT was entertaining and guess what I found?

Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts- 7 Questions to Ask Before You Marry. 7!? You'd think we could've finished 7 questions!

Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts- 7 Questions to Ask Before You Marry. 7!? You’d think we could’ve finished 7 questions!

Yep, more unfinished bible study books. In this box I found the pre-marital counseling workbooks Jack and I were supposed to complete before the wedding. Think we should go ahead and finish them? I wonder what differences we would find if we just started over on them?

It’s a fascinating question actually, but do I want to delve into that can of worms at this juncture? Especially considering the dozens of bible studies I’ve already got lined up. What would y’all do?


12 thoughts on “Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts- 18 Years Later

  1. My husband and I listen to marriage counseling pod-casts once monthly. It’s definitely conducive to a healthy conversation about our expectations on an ongoing basis.

    We were married in Las Vegas, as sort of a spontaneous thing, so we didn’t go to pre-marital counseling. I feel blessed to have a husband that wants to grow with me, and is willing to listen to the pod-casts with me.

  2. Happy Anniversary! We did a little bit of pre-marriage counseling. But mostly we made sure we talked about the things that were most important to us before we got married. I think the one big thing that helps us continue on the right track is consistently going to church together.

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