Flashback Friday- Making Soap

I’m doing a Flashback Friday because I’M ON THE WAY TO MY 2014 GIRLS GETAWAY with my mama and my sisters (well, one’s a sister-in-law but who’s counting)! I’ll tell you all -well, maybe not all- about it next week, but for today you can flashback with me.

So back when we had the T2WM Spring Fling I mentioned that our theme was Spring Clean Your Heart and we had guest speakers presenting home-made cleaning supplies with spiritual application. So guess who drew the short straw and had to make and guest-speak about liquid laundry detergent? Yeah, me.

Okay, so I should confess that Jack and Thomas actually made the soap because I was having a minor mental/emotional breakdown which we’ll discuss later and Emma and Liz decorated the cute little sample jars, so I really didn’t do anything. Except take some pictures and share them with y’all.

I We They used this recipe from Crystal at Natural&Thrifty, except I we they used soap flakes instead of grating a bar of soap because I’m we’re they’re lazy that way. I found all the ingredients at WalMart.

soap ingredients

BE AWARE: this recipe makes a 5 GALLON BUCKET of this stuff. You really do need to have containers on hand! ALSO: two 1-gallon Kool-Aid pitchers WILL NOT be enough.

homemade soap

Have I ever told y’all about Mama making and selling soap so we could eat? So long story-that-I-may-or-may-not-have-already-shared short, my mama and daddy quit farming and started over when I was about 11 which would make them in their early 40s. With four kids, my daddy’s minimum wage paycheck was falling short even though he worked EVERY MINUTE OF THE DING DANG DAY, so Mama started supplementing. She’s always been crafty (by any meaning of the word) and so she made cakes and sewed and cleaned and cooked and even worked the checkout at the local grocery store on occasion.

I don’t know what lit the match under her soap making skills but she jumped into that fire with both feet. She built molds out of pvc tubing and plexiglass and bought buckets of lard and dozens of tiny bottles that smelled mysterious and got after it. If she were doing this today she could Pinterest and Etsy and Facebook and blog herself to the bank, but back then her options were limited to cute little fru-fru shops and friends.

I think she only made soap for about a year. However long, I don’t want to ever use another bar. Mama’s soap was pretty and usually smelled fantastic, but that stuff was … hardy and plentiful. Give me my Dollar Store Yardley Natural Oatmeal & Almond Moisturizing Soap any day. It’s $1 a bar at the Dollar Store. Every day. Except when they’re out so buy in bulk.

Oh, and the homemade liquid laundry detergent? Works great. And has no smell which I love. And we’ve got plenty of it!

Emma, Liz home made soap


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