Meet Barbara

I named my car -which is as clean as any 14-, 11- and 9-year old children who have been bribed with 20 bucks each can make it- Barbara.

2006 Lincoln Navigator

Saint Barbara, in Roman Catholic custom, is invoked as a protector against fire and lightning and she is patron saint of architects, stonemasons, and fortifications, so I’m thinking Barbara is strong, solid, serious- what every mother of three wants in a vehicle.

I also can’t help but think a little about one of my favorite Barbara’s:Barbara Bush- who has always reminded me of a matronly tank. I mean that in a good way! You don’t mess with her or her’s.

And I had an Aunt Barbara who, as I was growing up, seemed like class and gentility walking. I didn’t name my car after my aunt because that would be more than a little weird, but -as long as you don’t pay attention to all the Hicksville going on inside- Barbara still fits.

As a bonus, Barbara has the same root as “barbarian”. My Barbara has a sunroof and a tremendous sound system. On my good days I let the air flow and the Def Leppard pound. My kids LOVE that (WHY isn’t there a sarcasm font???)! Maybe on those days I’ll call her Barb.

What’s your car’s name?


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