Second Flat Fixed

Jack had his second knee replaced earlier this week and is doing great! Yes, this is a little earlier than we expected, but Jack did so well with the first knee, the doc said ‘let’s do it!’

I’ve spilled our woes here numerous times- go up to the top and search for ‘surgery’ if you want to re-hash the whole story. Four surgeries in the past year, five total in the past 17 months; it’s been a lot. But y’all, I can’t tell y’all what a difference the past year has made for Jack. And for our whole family. Look at him now:

Jack, Emma

That’s Jack dancing with Emma’s arm at the PTO Winter Ball. (Yeah, they’re behind those other people. I had to borrow pics off of facebook. Why would I need a camera? I don’t blog or anything!)

That’s a long way from this:


Although that laugh is still as great as ever!


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