Glowing And Valentine Banquets

Our church has a Student Ministry (Youth) Valentine’s Banquet AND a Senior Adult Valentine’s Banquet every year. Usually in the same week. The youth banquet was last night.

2014 Youth Valentine's Banquet

This was our first experience with either, as this is Thomas’ first Valentine’s Day as a youth, or student, or whatever, and because I was too lazy to help cook for the seniors last year. So of course this year we did both.

Thomas @ Youth Valentine's Banquet

The youth banquet is catered, but the parents serve. Volunteers cook for the senior banquet and the youth serve. It’s all VERY well organized and disciplined. If you volunteer to cook you get a recipe to follow and a pan to cook in! I loved it!

Jack, Thomas

I also loved it because Jack and SIL Sheran did the actual cooking because I had my radioactive treatment that week and could have zapped somebody by cooking for them or loving on them too much. I didn’t. I mean I didn’t zap anybody or cook for anybody or love on anybody too much. Ahm.


Oh, but wait a minute- I did glow; but only because PEOPLE WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO LOVE ME AND SUPPORT ME AND NOT MAKE FUN OF ME IN MY TIME OF POSSIBLY DEBILITATING ILLNESSES snuck glow sticks into my bed. Stupid bff Michelle whose idea it was. And stupid Jack and Thomas for following her blindly. Have you learned nothing from observing our 20 years of friendship? She will get you in trouble!



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