Muckety-Mucks and Bureaucrats

Today we (at work) hosted a luncheon to introduce our 2016-2017 Community Justice Plan (CJP). Yes you read that right, 16-17; legislators like their information in future triplicate.

We invited Muckety-Mucks like senators and judges, bureaucrats like directors of this and coordinators of that and regular people like you and me. It was a full house. Well, and a free lunch.

I wore my most comfortable dress blouse that has an ink stain in the little pleat at just about chest level. It blends in pretty well if you’re just glancing, which is what most people do I think you’ll agree. Glance I mean.

The CJP is a mind-numbing, 28-page (and that’s short compared to most) outline of the proposed who, what, when, where and why our department will practice to further justice and rehabilitation in this area. I say ‘proposed’ because the people reading this CJP will decide whether we can have the money to do these who, what, when, where’s and why’s. Money is allotted on a points-based system. Points are awarded on each component of the submission and I’ve got a little stage-fright because I WROTE THIS DAMN THING AND OUR FUTURE JOBS MAY DEPEND ON IT.

Whew! Okay. Shake it off. Deep breath.

Not to mention how I’ll feel personally if they don’t like it. I worked over 80 hours on that thing. It’s outstanding! Concise, clear and applicable: they’d be idiots if they don’t give us the money.

Oh and yeah, the free lunch? I got a bag of Lays and a half a bowl of pasta salad. Muckety-Mucks and bureaucrats are like a plague of locusts.


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