Beef Enchiladas

I’m no Pioneer Woman but I did make some pretty good beef enchiladas this week. Here’s how I do it:

tortillas and oilFirst you take some corn tortillas -white or yellow- and dredge them one at a time through some hot oil, layering them between paper towels to rest and deglaze a little before rolling.

tortillasSome folks dredge through enchilada sauce instead of hot oil, but I find the greasier the better. No really, I find the tortillas roll better without tearing this way.

enchilada fillingNext I make the enchilada filling by sauteing about half a chopped yellow onion in some leftover tortilla oil, and then browning some finely crumbled 90/10 hamburger. Add a can of Ro-Tel (we use mild cause we’re wusses) then let simmer until all the liquid is gone.

El Monterrey sauce

Allow the mixture to cool a little and then add some shredded cheese and some mixed El Monterrey sauce until the mixture is wet enough to stick together. El Monterrey sauce is a MUST. DO NOT use that canned tomato soup they call enchilada sauce. It’s vinegar-y and pours like water.  You can get El Monterrey sauce here.

roll tortillas

Okay, now it’s time to roll enchiladas. First coat your now cool-ish tortilla in El Monterrey sauce (have I been clear enough on how it must be El Monterrey sauce? Just checking.), then grab a tablespoon or so of filling, roll your enchilada closed and place seam down into a sprayed baking dish.

rolled enchiladasAin’t that purty!? No pour the rest of the what kind of sauce? Yes, El Monterrey sauce over the rolled enchiladas and cover with shredded cheese. Now they’re ready to bake. I bake mine covered with foil at about 350 just until the enchiladas are warmed through and the cheese is nice and goopy. Quick tip: spray your foil before placing over cheese and the cheese won’t stick! Wish I could remember to do that.

finished enchiladas


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