Chevy Silver- She’s A Trooper

A few years ago I spoke about our vehicular growing pains and the hopes that our dear pickup would hold on a couple more years. As each year passed, the children grew longer legs and became more vocal about their ‘space’ and friends and family became more skeptical of any travel outside the county line; yet that 2001 Chevy Silverado just kept on keeping on.

About a year ago Daddy started looking for a vehicle to suit us. Every couple months or so he’d text or email me with a make, model, mileage and price and every couple months or so I’d say thanks, but no thanks. The problem wasn’t really in the vehicles or most of the time with the prices. Nope, our problem lie in our ability to a.) come up with a down payment, b.) get financing for the reminder and c.) make payments later. We are on a very tight budget and I have totally ruined our credit. It’s a long story, not very original and absolutely no surprise to anyone who knows me.

But then Daddy found a deal that could not be passed up: a 2006 Lincoln Navigator with 130,000 miles for $6,000.00. Yikes; this car is worth nearly twice that on a lot! And with private financing?! That settles it- God meant us to have this car!

2006 Lincoln Navigator

So we brought it home after Christmas. The kids were so surprised; none of them believed us when we told them. Guess we’ve teased about too long.

We had to leave Chevy Silver at Mama and Daddy’s because Jack wasn’t driving yet, but we’ll be back to get her. We’ve already experienced two occasions where she would’ve come in handy. And we miss her- she’s a trooper.

2001 Chevy Silver


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