Bungalow Gold

Three (-ish?) years ago we had the living room, stairwell, music nook and half the family room painted a warm, creamy Valspar Bungalow Gold. I love this color! It provides the perfect backdrop to my chocolate/paprika/caramel color scheme and it changes shades throughout the day as the sun moves through our house, creating bright sprays of light and deep, rich tones.

bungalow gold

When rearranging furniture to make room for the Christmas tree, I became determined that before we replaced the furniture we would touch up the scuffs, dings and scrapes that were making my beautiful Bungalow Gold look tired and dirty and yesterday afternoon Jack and the kids did just that. I am so pleased!

This job –which took them only a couple hours- is the first of many I have planned now that Jack is physically able. For years (not quite 30, but getting closer) we’ve been talking about all the plans we have for our home. This year I plan to mark several projects off our list, but I’m gonna do it quietly, one small piece at a time, so as not to overwhelm my worker-monkeys.

Next on the list: making room upstairs –by hook or crook- for the tired living room sofa so that I can replace it downstairs with MIL’s fresh (to us), more attractive (and comfortable) couch. I’ll keep you posted.


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