Star Boxes and Cornbread Waffles- Gorgeous And Fun

So a while ago I shared my new involvement with the women’s ministry in our church. Remember?

Yeah, so things have been going well I think. We had great response to our Star project, helping 41 local senior adults with a box (picture 40-50 lbs) of food and gifts for the holiday season. Individuals, families, women’s small groups and Sunday school classes adopted a senior or senior couple and filled a box and shared gifts. Jack, the kids and I filled a box pretty easily just by buying a little extra at the grocery store each week.

And delivery day –though FREEZING COLD- was a hoot. We sent out 18-20 groups with a couple boxes each to deliver, visit with the recipients and ask about/observe any other needs that might be met. Then we all came back to compare notes and Jack and I served chili on cornbread waffles. If you haven’t tried cornbread waffles I suggest you click the ‘Follow Me on Pinterest’ link to the right there, then find the cornbread waffle pin on my Recipes/Ideas board. Yummy!

Of course, being the excellent blogger that I am I have pictures of neither the Star boxes nor the cornbread waffles. But believe me, they were gorgeous and lots of fun. We can’t wait to do it again next year!


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