A Family Report Card

This first six weeks of the school year are done. We have parent-teacher conferences this Friday, when grades will be delivered, accomplishments celebrated and shortfalls discussed. In this spirit of fostering improvement by keeping score track, here’s my family report card:

Jack is getting has a solid A+ in what has become the all-consuming focus of his life: surviving gastric bypass. He continues to get smaller and smaller, with a total loss of 87 pounds and 9 pant sizes. Joint pain and nausea continue to be problems, but the doctor has re-prescribed one of the arthritis medicines and says everything else is normal and will pass. Here’s hoping!

A+ Thomas goes from strength to strength. I’m so proud of the way he has jumped into all the new and exciting changes Jr. High offers instead of hiding from them. His grades are great, he’s pulling his weight in football and he’s excelling in cross country. We can’t wait to see what’s next for him (basketball maybe? please.).

A+ Emma is also doing well. Her grades are awesome, her attitude is refreshing and contagious and she just oozes confidence. We still have the occasional pre-teen melt-down and slightly more frequent mom-is-stupid moments, but overall Emma seems happy. My little bundle of emotion seems to be on a mountain peak.

A- Liz, on the other hand, seems to have entered a valley. C’s on the report card, bad attitude at home and –the coup de grace- lying. She’s been grounded for the past two weeks in an effort to bring her grades up and last night we tacked on a third week for lying. I keep telling myself that Thomas and Emma both went through a stage like this and survived. I hope I’m not just making that up.

I give myself an E for effort. Work continues to be short-staffed and crazy, I’m involved in the Women’s Ministry at church and have joined a new bible study. I’m caught up in the kitchen, but behind on laundry. And dusting. And filing. And budgeting Christmas gifts. And sleep.

But not on love! What does your family report card look like?


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